Industrial Computer Systems has been in business since 1969 when it was started by Terry Taebel as a sole proprietorship under the name of Minicomputer Consultants. Its primary focus at that time was the application of small minicomputers such as DEC PDP-8, and Interdata Model 70 to the direct control of plant floor operations. Early projects included control of carburetor test stands and the monitoring of over 100 tire-making machines.

During the early years, it was truly a sole proprietorship, with Terry being the only employee, working part-time, augmented by the hiring of others on a part-time, job-by-job basis. By 1979, the business had grown to the point that it became a full-time activity for three employees. Shortly thereafter, the business was incorporated as DOTT Computer Systems, the name resulting from the combination of the two primary stockholders initials.

Business expanded into electronic design of embedded microprocessor systems as well as the applications of early hand-held computers into inventory and direct quality control. Additional projects were completed in the direct computer control of fiberglass insulation manufacturing, testing of electrical motors and automotive body measurement. In 1984, a large project was undertaken for Universal Electric Company to design a modern material tracking system for the control of carrier routing on large scale power and free conveyor systems.

By 1985, the business climate in the automobile industry, DOTT's primary customer, had changed to the point that it was difficult for DOTT to continue doing control systems integration projects. At this time, Terry left the company and went to work for Universal Electric, which had been both a customer and a competitor. Universal Electric eventually became known as Universal Systems.

Between the years of 1985 and 2000, additional products were designed for Universal Systems, the UE5xxx (Accutrac) Material Tracking Systems, the UE6xxx Automotive Electrical Test Systems, the UE7000 Protocol Converter Systems, and finally the UE9xxx InterBus-S Intelligent Controller series.

In  1994, Industrial Computer Systems (ICS) was formed to take over the development of an automated oil-changer product that had been started and then dropped by Universal Systems.   As Universal Systems changed its business focus, ICS took over most of the manufacturing of the Accutrac product line, with Universal handled the marketing and service.

In August 2000, Terry decided to leave Universal and at this time purchased the exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and service the UE5xxx, UE6xxx and UE9xxx product lines. Part of this agreement gave ICS the responsibility to provide warranty service for all of the previously sold products.