Cards II



The two-piece or split reader uses a code card that has an active area of 17" by 2.0". This code card is usually mounted into a cutout on a tow bar, or on top of a load bar. Many variations of the basic code card have been made for special applications. If you cannot use one of the standard code cards, contact the factory for information on developing a custom code card especially for your application.

Typical two-piece reader code cards



Size: 17" x 2.25"

Range: 1-1,706

Use: Shortened for in-tow bar mounting



Size: 18" x 2.25"

Range: 1-1,706

Use: Standard card for 2-piece readers, can be mounted to top of load bar or mounted into the tow bar.



Size: 24" x 2.25"

Range: 1-1,706

Use: Stainless Steel for high temperature applications. Extra length to accommodate existing vertical uprights on     load bar.


Size: 12" x 5.9"

Range: 1-252

Use: Special application



Size: 13" x 4.13"

Range: 1-266

Use: Custom application mounted on assembly machine conveyor chain



Size: 28" x 2.25"

Range: 1-1,706

Use: Extra long with no holes in the center portion for mounting on existing carrier uprights



Size: 25" x 2.25

Range: 1-1,706

Use: Custom length to accommodate existing uprights


Download 2-piece reader code card document (Acrobat pdf file)