Seventeen years



The Accutrac Carrier Tracking System was developed in 1985. Since that time, Accutrac systems have been used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products, some of which are listed below:

Aircraft in Georgia and Washington.

    Air-conditioners in Georgia, New York, Ohio and Texas

    Automated Storage Equipment in Wisconsin

    Automobiles in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin

    Automotive Power-train Components in Mexico and Michigan

    Automotive Trim & Accessories in Kansas, Mexico, Michigan, and New Jersey

    Burial Caskets in Indiana

    Children’s Furniture in Pennsylvania

    Commercial Laundry Equipment in Wisconsin

    Construction Equipment in Georgia, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

    Electrical Enclosures in Indiana and Ohio

    Electrical Generators in Minnesota and North Carolina

    Electrical Lighting Fixtures in South Carolina

    Farm Equipment in Manitoba, Pennsylvania and Tennessee

    Heavy Duty Refrigerators in Missouri

    Heavy Trucks in North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon and Virginia

    Home Appliances in Iowa, Michigan and Ohio

    Industrial "Golf Carts" in Nebraska

    Iron Castings in Michigan and Ohio

    Lawn and Garden Equipment in Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin

    Luxury Automobiles in Michigan

    Motorcycles in Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

    Office Furniture in Idaho, Michigan and North Carolina

    Personal Watercraft in Iowa and Nebraska

    Plumbing Fixtures in Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Washington

    Power Tools in Kentucky

    Rolled Steel Products in Quebec

    Security Equipment in South Carolina

    Storage Systems in Wisconsin

    Snowmobiles in Iowa and Minnesota

    Storage Systems in Michigan and Wisconsin

    Sterilized Medical Supplies in California

    Tanks (liquid, pressurized, and storage) in California

    Television Picture Tubes in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

    Vending Machines in New Jersey

Since the bulk of the Accutrac sales are made to system integrators and conveyor OEMs, there are probably many other applications that we have never heard about. There are hundreds of Accutrac readers that have never been returned for repair; hence, we have never had direct contact with the users of these readers.