Accutrac UE6100 UE9000



Accutrac Material Tracking Systems provide the designer and user of power and free conveyor systems with easy to install, flexible. reliable and Accutrac carrier tracking systems. The Accutrac line of products are designed for use in the harshest environments and have found extensive use in painting, welding, steel mills and general discrete parts manufacturing applications. For more information, click on the picture of the Accutrac I family members.


The UE6100 Series of Automotive Electrical Testing Hardware provides the automotive electrical OEM a full line of products designed for simulating the output of modern automotive electrical transducers, including frequency and voltage outputs, variable resistance and contact closures. For more information, click on the picture of a typical UE6100 System.


UE9000 Interface boards provide InterBus-S capabilities for the users of STD80 and STD32 computer systems. Click on the picture of the UE9012I for more information.


In addition to manufacturing components and subsystems used by other OEMs, entire systems can be designed and manufactured to your specifications.  Click on the picture of a typical system for more information.