Oil Changer



The electronic controller for the ESOC (Environmentally Safe Oil Exchanger) was developed by Industrial Computer Systems for the ESOC Corporation. The ESOC system provides an automatic and environmentally safe oil change and is primarily used by automobile rental, trucking and transit companies. The design of the ESOC unit drains all of the used oil from the filters and then, pre-fills the new oil filters prior to filling the crankcase with new oil. This pre-filling of the oil filter greatly lengthens the life of the engine and eliminates the oil spills which are common in large scale truck oil changes.



ICS developed and manufactures the electronic circuit board for the controller. This controller board provides RS232 serial interfaces for printers, bar code readers and computer communication as well as the solenoid output drivers. In addition, interfaces are included for the One-Wire Memory Buttons used to provide automatic identification of vehicles. Also included are analog transducer signal conditioning and conversion for vacuumn sensing and flow meter interfaces.


The complete controller and wiring harness are assembled and tested prior to shipment to the customer. The customer only needs to insert the controller into the cabinet, connect the wiring harness to the field devices and ship the complete system to the end user.

For more information, visit the ESOC Web Site www.esocinc.com




We provide completely tested controllers and wiring harnesses to the ESOC Corporation as well as provide all upgrades, repairs and customization of the control units.