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The Accutrac Material Tracking Systems are available in two different configurations, a one-piece reader and a two-piece reader. These readers have been in use for over seventeen years in a wide variety of industrial applications. For a listing of many of these applications, click this link.

These two styles of readers share many common characteristics. Both readers use code cards (license plates) manufactured from heavy gauge steel and use a coding scheme that is immune to the effects of paint buildup, misalignment and uneven motion. This results in a code card that will never be misread. If the card cannot be read correctly, then the reader will send back an error message rather than an incorrect value.

Readers are mounted directly to the mechanical conveyor system and feature a local display that indicates the value of the last code card that passed by the reader. This feature greatly reduces the time required to isolate and repair system problems. 

Readers systems are interfaced to the material handling system controller using a concentrator which has both parallel and serial communication interfaces. This results in a system that is equally friendly to PLC or PC based control systems.

Wiring between readers and concentrators is accomplished using a single low-voltage communications cable.

Older Accutrac readers and concentrators are 100% compatible with the latest members of the family. It is not necessary to scrap or modify older readers in order to expand an existing system utilizing the newest members of the family.